Ecotourism in the truest sense of the word is a nature-based travel experience meant to be respectful of the people and places visited.

Knowing the fundamentals of Ecotourism Planning from first hand experience, Brent has assisted the development of Ecotourism Plans in Qomlangma (Mt. Everest), Tibet; Chiapas, Mexico and Galapagos, Ecuador, as an interpretive consultant.

Brent is co-owner / operator of such a ecotourism business in the Kluane area offering cabin accommodations and guided nature walks.

Kluane Ecotours ( and “The Cabin” ( offer the best of Kluane for independent travelers seeking a unique operational base to explore and discover Kluane National Park either on their own or with an interpretive guide.







Image of the Cabin

“The Cabin”, an idyllic ecolodge beside Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park,Yukon